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Sustainability: The Key Concepts. Explains why and how our current path is not sustainable. The ecological concept of overshoot is explored. The limits to growth are explained. The relationship between environment and economy is described, and the many ways the economy depends upon a foundation of the natural environment are outlined.

Overcoming Our Differences To Build a Future That Works. Successfully dealing with climate change and the many other challenges associated with creating a sustainable future will require everyone's participation - all political, religious, racial, ethnic, and national segments of the global population must be part of any real solution. Working together to solve our most pressing problems will require growing up enough to cooperate in spite of long-standing and enduring differences. This talk lays out concepts, principles and strategies to do just that.

Workshop & Discussion. Length: 3 hours. What We Can Do. A wide-ranging and highly interactive program about actions we can take in our personal lives, as citizens, as employees or businesspeople, as parents, and in all the roles we play, to increase the speed and effectiveness of our transition to a sustainable future.


Fees are quoted inclusive of all expenses (so the number you see is the total cost).

San Francisco Bay Area - $500. Small activist groups in the Bay Area should call. A limited number of "no charge" engagements will be offered to activist groups.

Western States - $1500. Includes California (outside SF Bay Area), Nevada, Oregon & Washington.

United States - $2000. From the Rocky Mountain States through the East Coast.

Workshop - $500 when added to a talk (above) on the same day as that talk, or $1000 if added on the day before or day after a talk. If booked as a stand-alone program, the rates are the same as those shown for a talk.

A Spirit For Our Time

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